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(Update...Micfo still didn't cover the bad NSF check from 7-27-07!!)

Purchased a 3 year plan from MICFO.com and it went well for the "trial" period. After they had my money the support was terrible. Server crashes and constant downtime without help. Tried to charge me to reload a backup of our website when they crashed their own server.

Ended up moving to a different hosting company. Went through hell to get any kind of a refund, as they don't refund after the *tiral period*. (see the fine print).

They sent me a measly check for $58, which was at least something.

Turned out the check was BAD. They didn't even have $58 in the bank to cover it! Can you imagine operating a company with no money in the bank? Write out a bad check to a customer?
Here is a copy of the check...from 7/27/07. (if the url is allowed here)

They STILL will not make good and pay what they owe. Nor will they pay the NSF fees. Its now 2-10-2008 and still they refuse to do anything.

Other people looking for hosting need to know how this company operates. They are financially insecure, poor support, and can go bankrupt at any time. How important is your data??

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