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I was with Micfo for a little over a year and would like to point out that:

1. If uptime means nothing to you

2. If you enjoy surly "customer support" representatives who offer excuses rather than solutions

3. If you want to spend tons of money in advertising, only to have Micfo drive away all of your customers because your Web site is NEVER up

4. If, like me, you ask them to move your site to a new server because the one they put you on is down *a few times per week*--and when they "copy" your site from one server to another, they accidentally delete your e-mail system so that it no longer works, and then tell you that, "We don't know how this happened; you'll have to hire someone to fix it (!)"

....then Micfo is the perfect service for you!

The list goes on; these are just some of the highlights. They started out fine when I signed up in 2004, but a few months into my subscription, the problems started, and everything continued to degenerate until I found my blood pressure rising to unnecessary levels because I was constantly wasting time sending continuous apology e-mails to my customers, trying to explain to them why my site wasn't working AGAIN. How does Micfo stay in business??

I changed to a new hosting company late last year and magically, I haven't had ANY of the problems that I had with Micfo. Everything works as it should, my clients are happy. The monthly fee for Micfo's shared hosting plan is low, but you get much less than what you pay for. Don't waste your time, patience or expenditures on these morons. They're after your money and offer virtually nothing in return.

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