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I’ve been a customer for over six months now and have had terrible problems with JustHost's customer service, and their servers can be flaky. But here’s the worst of it. Read the Terms and Conditions… no, not there… no, a little lower… there, there you have it. Under CPU Usage, you see there is a limit of 50,000 files. What is that doing under “CPU Usage”?!?!? Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much at all to spend that 50,000. I migrated one of my sites from another host to JustHost because of the great big ads on the home page touting UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, UNLIMITED GB OF SPACE! This was my second site with them, and I had the site up for well over a month. Then one day POOF! Content had been deleted, I received an email saying my account was in violation of their Terms of Service, and nobody wanted to help.

I first responded to the email, no reply. I got on the live chat, I was directed to email. I asked for a phone number so that I could receive more immediate assistance to restore my 24×7 site, and a phone number was provided. After sitting on hold for probably 10 minutes, a pre-recorded voice said, “Goodbye,” and the call was disconnected. I called a second time with the same end result.

My site was broken for nearly 48 hours because the technician randomly deleted content. Emails went back and forth between various technicians and myself. They restored a copy of my site to a backup server, and I had to delete entire sections of the site. While we were completing this process, I had no idea how many files remained on the site, because CPanel has no way of telling. All I could rely on was the word of the technician on the other end of the email chain. Finally, after paring down my site to the bare minimum, they pointed my DNS back to the server with the trimmed version. I'm still brainstorming on how I can restore my site in full.

Terrible customer communication, and blatantly false advertising! Buyer Beware!

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