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I used to be a just host customer. I signed for 6 months. It was hell on earth. Not a single day without a downtime. 5 days in a row with over than 3 hours downtime. I used the livechat line to explain the problem and sometimes they were answering me with the same copy-paste message. Other times I had to deal with somebody without even the basic English skills. I am not a native English speaker also, but when we talk about business I DEMAND the person in the line to be able to understand what I am typing and give an answer related to my questions. You don't have to be a language expert to achieve that, even my 80 years old granny talks better English than them.

I transfered my account to hostgator.com and I don't regret it. I send them complaints about their services and they told me they will put extra 3 months free in my account in order to be happy with justhost. I didn't reply because I decided to wait for a few days untill the transer would be complete and then I would notify them to close my account. All I got was a warning message

"Your Just Host account is now overdue and you are in danger
of losing your domain and access to your site as your

I don't understand how it is possible to be overdue if I have already paid for 6 months and it is 1 month old !!!

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. It is a perfect host to commit suicide. They are terrible. And pls do not put that behind, "justhost.com support can respond to this Just Host review" because there is no excuse. I am totally ripped off.
I have searched our system to locate this clients account to see whether any downtime was experienced as I am not aware of any for the last month at least, but we have no account under the name or email so it's very hard to respond correctly.

If the client paid for 6 months it is highly unlikely they'd be sent an email about overdue payment. However, if that is the case I do apologise, but this is easily resolved by emailing our billing dept.

Marketing representative (sophy@justhost.com, ).

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