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i am on my 3rd week of service with just host. from day 1, it has been a challenge.

1. i purchased their premium service to get 3 domains for free. every time it tried to register more than one, their control service tried to charge me $14.99.
- i contacted support immediately; they sent me to billing
- billing took *Two Weeks* to respond
- after 2 days, they set me up with three domains - so total of 14 business days
2. i had to pay extra for ssh -- and scp doesn't work
3. i am on week 3 of trying to get ssl set up.
-self-signed certs through their cpanel failed
-i requested an upgrade for static ip and private cert
- after 1 week, i was told that i hadn't paid for ip -- although i had an invoice (i.e., their system forgot to charge me)
- after 4 1/2 business days, i received an ssl cert *without a certificate authority* -- i.e., all browsers think it's fraudulent
- still no response from the last item -- so we are well into week 3
4. their scripts to set up emails (found in their cpanel) failed
5. their instructions to set up email clients on cpanel were completely wrong
6. every time a change is made to .htaccess or index.php (through command line or through cpanel), every browser tries to download every php file

if all you are trying to do is have a static web page, it seems ok -- if you're trying to do anything even slightly off the static page format (including setting up email accounts), it's a mess.
We reply to every billing ticket currently within 15 hours as the billing dept does not operate 24 hours as was explained to the client. It explains on the order form for Premium that you need to email billing to register your other 2 domains and we are implementing a new system specifically for the extra domains so there is no confusion. The client constantly replied to the same ticket which meant, as we work on first come first server basis, their ticket was pushed to the bottom of the queue. Our billing team is growing rapidly so every ticket will be replied to even quicker.

We have also started using a new seller for SSLs as the old were taking too long to create the SSL certificates and they are now going to be with clients within 24 hours maximum.

Marketing representative (sophy@justhost.com, ).

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