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JustHost, the worst hosting service!

This JustHost hosting service was the worst I ever hired today!
To begin with, they take up more than a day to answer a ticket, and if you want a faster customer service you have to pay for it!
Their system is poorly installed, poorly configured and slow. I even had trouble with the server where my account was installed, it had a hard drive with serious badblocks for almost a week!
5 times suspended my account saying I had used up system resources permitted. IN NO ANY TIMES they made any advance warning that there was a problem. To complicate matters, the weak control panel of them do not have the option to observe the use of server resources (as there is in good hosting services) to see if there is something wrong.
Finally, on April 16 they canceled my account out of nowhere, without warning, saying it had extrapolated the memory usage on the server. Now ... the same sites and scripts were running on the server MORE THAN 3 MONTHS and there was no change! How can a sudden, the same scripts that previously ran without causing any excess in the use of server resources, now cause excessive memory usage?????? The only explanation for this is the bad system they manage! Certainly it was a server problem (or hardware or configuration) that caused it! Now, ask me if they want to admit that the problem could have been with them? The culprit was me always in your answers!
I was forced to move all my domains to another hosting service with urgency (where I have no problems and I am always analyzing the use of server resources) and, in this meantime, my store was offline and I had mischief!
If you do not want to have a headache with lousy service, disrespect, lack of attention and not take damage, DO NOT USE THE SERVICES OF JUSTHOST!

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