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Jason: [7:57:19 PM] Peter XXXXX welcome to our real-time support chat. My name is Jason...
Peter xxxxx: [7:57:19 PM] xxxxxxx.xxx is still down. Over 24 hours. ETR?
Jason: [7:58:59 PM] May I please have the last 4 characters of your cpanel password for verification purposes?
Peter xxxxxx: [8:01:46 PM] xxxxx
Jason: [8:02:09 PM] Thanks.
[8:03:13 PM] The server that your account is on has had to be restored. This can take several hours and is effecting your account and the others on the equipment. We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying to minimize downtime as much as possible.
Peter xxxxxx: [8:04:32 PM] Several hours? It has already taken over 24. I want you to restore my site from the daily backup that I pay for. Please do not tell me this is unnecessary. It is very necessary.
Jason: [8:06:02 PM] The entire server is being restored, and is effecting all of the accounts on it, unfortunately. There's no way to restore your account from backup, as the server hardware itself is what has to be restored.
Peter xxxxxx: [8:07:41 PM] I was told yesterday that backup is on a different server. Which it really should be if it is to act as a a backup. Was this advice ...incorrect?
Jason: [8:10:03 PM] The backups are usually done on a separate machine. In this case, it's not a "restore from backup" for your account. The entire server is being restored, which is why it's taking so long.
Peter xxxxx: [8:14:50 PM] Do you have a copy of my site on a different machine ? Or was the live site and the backup all on the same machine?
Jason: [8:17:30 PM] The administrators are actively working on getting the server restored so that the accounts are accessible again.
Peter xxxxxx: [8:18:01 PM] Sorry Jason that does not address the question
Jason: [8:21:13 PM] Since we don't manage the restores from here, I don't have any way of knowing the physical location of your account backup in relation to the server being restored. We've been told the administrators are working on solving the problem.

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