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Just Host is absolutely worthless EXCEPT for it's pricing. They are FAR AND ABOVE the cheapest hosting around. I'm on a reseller plan for ~$15/mo, find that anywhere else. BUT and this is a BIG BUT. They have the absolute WORST service imaginable. I filed complaints with the BBB, in-house supervisors, continually disputed charges with my bank. I have wasted enough time dealing with them that the cost of doing business with them is even with the rest of the playing field now...

They first signed me up for a European reseller account (I'm American and my company and I live in the USA) for ~23/mo. EUR. That's over $30/mo. So after talking to customer service, billing, everyone for months and no one would adjust my rate. I just backed up, canceled and signed up for a new plan. Wonder why I had to do their job for them. Now I'm paying EXACTLY what I was bitching to get for months from them.

Also, they CLAIM to have 24/7 support via email phone, web. Call their 888-755-7575, and see if you can get through. I have been calling for FOUR MONTHS and not gotten through ONCE!!

Their responses via email are almost always within 1-2 hours, BUT unless you get a reply from one of only TWO of their competent employees, you will get a canned moronic answer saying we don't provide support for that or the problem, or it is a local problem, not ours....e.g. I don't know what the problem is, so I am going to copy and paste this response. So dealing with the bad employees (which I have filed complaints about - so hopefully future customers won't have to deal with their incompetence) will set you back days to get a simple question answered or DNS Zone reset because NO ONE ANSWERS THEIR tool-free line.

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