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Dianne ( kldmgm@m... )
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I called and they were helpful....at first. I paid an extra $50.00 to have them transfer the site from the current owners server. I paid a total of $169.47 to them today and received nothing in return but aggravation. They told me that I would receive an email in 3 hours with instructions that I was to forward to the current owner so that he could provide the needed information for a transfer. It is now over 8 hours later and still no email with instructions.

They do not answer their phones, I was on hold for a total of 1 1/2 hours. Strange that when I called using my husbands cell phone (they don't have that number on record) they answered right away, caller ID is so inconvenient, sometimes! Their chat is useless, each person promises to help but tries to sooth you into not cancelling your account. I was told at 9:00, PM, EST, on Sept.2, that an Administrator will email me the needed instructions within an hour.....@ 12.30, AM, EST, Sept 3, I am still waiting for that email.

When I had my last chat online with them I told the person on the chat that I wanted to cancel my account. I gave the short version of my day long ordeal with them, (yet again) and he said, "If you can wait one minute I can get that information for you right now." WHAT????

Now my money is tied up and I will not be able to get hosting until my money is released. Had I found this page PRIOR, I would not have even gone there. Tomorrow when the bank opens I will file a complaint to have the funds withheld from them. I am wondering how much they are going to try to rip me off for because they set up the account?

Stay away from this hosting company if your smart! I feel stupid and used because I thought they had a good rating via a web search.

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