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Recently I had joined justhost.com and I think that they should rename to justhoax.com . First of all, if you have never been a member, you need to understand how their hosting plans offers work.

When you visit their site for pricing information, you are shown the first set of prices. If you choose not to sign up with them, when you try to leave their website, you get a pop up message that offers you 20% discount. If you click no to their offer and you wish to still navigate away from their site, then a second pop up comes up with a 50% discount offer. The reason I am telling you this is because they could had very easily just given you their best price but they want to see if they can get you for the first price. Kind of like a Car Dealership approach. More importantly, it shows the kind of company they are.

Recently I had a distasteful experience dealing with them. After using their services for a few months, my renewal came up. They sent me an invoice that reflected upcoming charges to my Debit Card. At the time I decided that I no longer wanted to continue to use their services because I just didn’t have the money to pay for their plan in advance as required by them. So I asked if they had a monthly plan and they told me that they didn’t. After numerous emails I was left with no choice but to change hosting and I then requested that they didn’t renew my hosting. Well, that did not happen. The date came around for renewal and guess what they did. They went ahead and charge my card. The charge then over drafted my bank account incurring an additional $39 in bank fees. So I picked up the phone and called them. By the way, they never answer their phone if you are calling for any other reason than new sign up. Their billing department never answers nor do they return calls when you leave a message. So back to the issue, so I got a live body on the phone and I explained what had transpired and the response was, “We will reverse the charges and that should clear you with your bank so I can get reimbursed for the overdraft charge that arise from the transaction” Two days later I saw a credit coming back from them and it was $20 dollars short. So I contacted by email and they replied by telling me that the charge was for a domain transfer fee. I asked why should there be a domain transfer fee and their response is that it was something I should had read about in the following contract. By the way, when you join their plan, they state that they will let you transfer your domain name to them and you will never have to pay domain renewal fees. At the end of the day, I could never get them to reimburse me for the $20 which subsequently prevented me from recuperating my overdraft bank fees. They basically said, you should had read the entire Terms and Conditions before signing up with us. If I were you I would choose other hosts like asmallorange.com before using these clowns from England.

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