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Have a reseller account with HostUtopia. Have had over 20 multi-hour website outages this year. Have had 4 website outages in the last week alone. Tech Support is horrible. Same issues happen over and over, but never get permanently fixed. Each time I report the identical server error to them, it takes them hours to address the problem. Have had several MULTI DAY Web outages this year (which, by the way, take down all my client sites as well!). Email servers are so overloaded that I cannot send or receive emails for hours at a time during business hours on many days. As I said, these problems have been going on for over a year. They do not get resolved. They get "fixed" for a day or two, then come right back. I dread the thought of having to move my business and all my client sites to a new host, but Hostutopia has cost me so much business this year, it'll be worth it. Avoid Hostutopia at all cost.
Just found this review and needed to register so we could post a response. I had an admin look through logs for 2012, at which time we did have an outage that lasted 42 hrs due to a DDOS attack from China. They were able to flood our network to the point we needed to go into full threat mode and temporally disable the entire network. Other than this outage there were not other outages logged for 2012 other than periodic maintenance that never took us under our 99.99% uptime threshold. The client left no identification for this review so we are unable to further investigate. Since that DDOS attack we upgraded our DNS to pull out of three geographic locations through North America, and installed a thorough DDOS prevention system via CloudFlare. No service is 100% safe from attacks, since then we've seen Amazon, GoDaddy, HostDime, Facebook and other goes under similar attacks and experience significant downtime. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. ~ Daniel Eosco - Just one of the Hacker Trackers at HostUtopia.
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