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I signed onto HM over 3 years ago, originally because it was reasonably priced, and had nice features.

At first, they were great, but things went downhill about a year ago, as their shared servers started to get over-sold. HM jacked up the yearly renewal price, and dropped their "free" anti-spam filter (because it took up too much processing power to filter emails.) Then they introduced CPU throttling without having tested it properly-- my sites were sometimes throttled for no reason. (This has since been cleared up *magically* although my sites haven't changed.)

I suffered through all this, because they seemed to have "real" tech support reps, not outsourced-- and just before I renewed, after repeated complaints from me, they agreed to migrate my account to one of their newer server, since the old one was increasingly slow/crashing. (Yes, they kept customers on failing servers until they were forced to upgrade them.)

But this past week, Hostmonster finally lost me as a customer.

On Friday, without notice or warning, HM decided to do an unannounced system "update" on my hosted server — in the middle of the day (around 1PM central) — which ended up causing the entire server to go down. Over a dozen of my domains, some fairly notable– and an untold number of other customers– went offline without explanation.

When contacted, their tech support initially claimed they would be back up in “30 minutes” after a file integrity check. It wasn’t until over five hours later, that the domains finally returned.

Then, Sunday, same thing -- sites down, this time for only about 30-45 minutes; but again, middle of the day with some generic "file integrity check" notice.

Suffice it to say, that HM isn’t the only game in town at its price point– I’m moving elsewhere.

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