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Entered a domain contract with fast host May 2020 with basic package. Found it ok to start with but started experiencing mail delivery failures from verified email addresses and email just simply not synching through their livemail system. Totally frustrating when your trying to run a business. Quotes an PO orders just never make it to the destination. So we decided to upgrade like a fool to the 50gig exchange server. Well big mistake the problem got worse. Different PC's in the office logged onto to same email accounts showed different mail in the inbox and sent folders. Then we upgraded PC and Laptops to Office 365 and the problem got worse. Then we had two sets of sent folders that were different on each PC.. send an email from one device and it would only show on the device sent from. This caused mayhem as no one knew who had rep;ied to messages. So after contacting their support. Nothing changed. Now it was costing us money in loss of sales because we were not receiving authorised PO's for work to commence. So we decided to cancel and move away from FastHosts in October last year. They released our Domain DNS records and we coded to another Hosting Company. Domain expire with FastHost in November. We turned off automatic renew on the accounts! Done the right thing raised a support ticket and spoke with an adviser. Great thought all was well as we requested to close the account. We were informed this will be passed to the cancellation team in the morning and will be worked first thing. So we telephoned the next morning to say please close the account. So one would assume if you raise a support ticket as they request in their terms, it should be adhered to as we are the customer, We then receive an email asking us why we want to close the account? Nothing about we are closing your account nor that its in preperation. Just a question why are closing the account. Surely if you request to close formally in a support ticket and telephone them. This should be the end. Not with FastHost. They continue to bill me monthly for a website builder that I cant even use as my Domain is not registered with them. And then best of all charge another £132 for another year subscription to their exchange 50gig mail server plan. So now my patience is at its end with FastHosts. I logged into PayPal and made sure they cant take any more money. As it appears until you cancel the agreement with PayPal FastHosts can take money from them and charge you as they like. So I decided to see if I can still log into FastHosts thinking that yes they should of canceled my services last November. Amazingly I can still log in, but is all I can see is a demand to give them my PayPal access. Nothing else. I tried to access this mail that I have just been charged for 50gig storage and two mail exchange accounts. And guess what I can't access this mail nor the storage or any other service until they have my payment details. So I try to download the invoice like it states in my email for the amount billed. I can not even download my invoices from control panel. So they are completely breaking the law in the fact I can not access a service I have been charged for, nor receive an actual invoice for this. And if we deactivated automatic renew on services last year why are we being invoiced again. In respect to continue to charge me monthly services that was cancelled last year. I have read hundreds of online reviews now where people can not get out of their contracts with FastHosts. So my personal experience with them is a nightmare from hell. We are now seeking legal advise as they have cost us a small fortune and stress within our company. If any one was to ask me about this company I would strongly recommend not signing up. In this point in time we are going to report them to Distant Selling consumer rights. The internet Ombudsman, PayPal which we have already done, and also my bank. It is the way they totally ignore a cancellation request that has frustrated me the most, let alone the stress it caused at work. I sent their support an email asking to why is my account still active and you are charging me more money when in their terms a ticket was raised to close account. They have totally not responded. To infuriate me even more they sent an email today asking me to re-activate my PayPal account or they are going to suspend my services. Its a $!ck joke. I dont habe any services, nor domains, nor emails active with them. This has now become personal as I feel they are just trying to humiliate me. Big mistake as now I will into every term and condition in their use and break it apart, then take them to court. One big question I have for them is, can they not understand simple English??? I would like to cancel my domain package! Its that simple. Consumer right clearly state in black and white, if a demand of cancellation is requested and is either documented via letter, email or fax. This is sufficient for a retailer to react and respond accordingly. Not just mail back why? I think they need to act in respect of their customers, and I'm sure there are hundreds more who feel the same frustration as mine.

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