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We have been using FastHosts since 2003 when we mistakenly bought a dedicated sever from them.
At the time they gave us a free 'UKREG' account for domains.

They have recently updated their control panel, and the new one is absolutely useless.

All my domains contact details have lost the telephone numbers, and even where on the old system we had 1 contact for our company, set to admin contact on all domain, with the new system we have 1 contact per domain.
Furthermore because the phone numbers are missing, and fasthosts see this as an error with the contact, we now cannot even change a domains nameservers withot having to manually update the contact, then go back to the domain list, and find it again.

There as no choice in this upgrade, although not all customers have ben moved.

2 Customers of ours also have ukreg accounts, 1 is on the new system, and 1 is on the old one still.
Then we discovered that they cannot do inter-account transfers between the new and old systems.

We are now working to move all services away from fasthosts as soon as possible, and would recommend any hosting companies in the same situation do the same. If you are still on the old control panel, move now, while you can still do it easily!

Their new system also has some bad habits...
For example automatically renewing domains which (on the old system) were set "DO NOT RENEW". We managed to get 1 domain refunded, as a domain credit, but no such luck on the other 4.

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