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neil ( bimini.tops.bimiuvx@g... )
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When a difficulty arose, far from being Cool, they were Cold and would not help at all

Bad story - ColdHandle. I had been with Coolhandle for about 2 years without any problems. I had about 25 fully built functioning websites earning for me, not huge amounts, but certainly part of my income. And then there was a hack attempt on my credit card. The bank advised that it was cancelled and a new card issued. So I did. Just after that my hosting bill came due but I forgot to change to the new credit card number on my Coolhandle hosting. When the email invoice notification arrived, for some reason it went to my spam folder and the Coolhandle cancelled my hosting. I wrote to them the next day explaining what had happened and this is the cold reply I got :

We are in receipt of the dispute you filled with your card company for the dedicated IP address charge on February 18, 2013. We can no longer offer you service.

Adam R.

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Ticket ID: xxx-xxxxxxxx
Department: Billing
Priority: Urgent
Status: Closed

I was locked out of paying for the invoices - they would not allow me to pay with any other method and would not allow me to get a copy of all the sites, nothing :(
They did not answer any more requests I sent asking for help to at least get a copy of my sites if they would not allow me to stay with them. Nothing. There had not been any problems that I know of to cause this kind of cold, uncaring treatment.

Conclusion. With that kind of support you, sadly, I could not recommend them to others who need a reliable website. Neil

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