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Hey Mike:

Where are your two cents now? Codero was DOWN ALL DAY YESTERDAY!!! All of their customer site were down, their own website at was DOWN, and their phone number was been BUSY ALL DAY!

I'm sure you're jumping in joy and recommending Codero even more now! NOT!!! You are probably wondering when you are going to lose your job at Codero, because posting false positive messages to defend a worthless company is probably a very disturbing job --- one that is probably gone by now. No one else would write a positive review for such a crappy company. do you know why everyone says Codero Sucks with a Capital S? Because they are the worst hosting company on the face of the planet.

Their imbecile COO Ryan Elledge has his head up his ass so far that he still calls their decrepit building in Phoenix "state-of-the-art data center". Before he pulls his head out of his ass, his Ukranian bosses will take their customers' money and run to their villages back home.

Do yourselves a favor that coder is up temporarily, download your entire server and move it Rackspace or 1and1, or any other hosting company for that matter!

Good luck to all with yet another massive Codero @#&!-up,

George, yes there was a 5 hour downtime for a portion of our customers in our Phoenix data center on March 8, 2011 due to a massive DDoS attack exceeding 10 million packets per second into our core routing equipment. Traditional countermeasures could not defend against this large of an attack. Codero staff were immediately mobilized to restore service to our impacted customers as well as maintain a communication line using Twitter as the attack affected our corporate communications systems as well.

Customer satisfication is important to us since we understand that is what drives our business. We were comimitted to maintaining open lines of communication during this instance and have continued after it was resolved. Both our CEO and COO have posted on our blog providing details about what happened, when, and how we worked towards a resolution.

Marketing representative (Chris Branding -, ).

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