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Just my two cents.

I have had had at least several dedicated servers with Codero for over three years. (I started with Aplus and then they got bought or changed to Codero)

I have never really had a problem with them and have always thought their service was better than average. I recommend them and continue to do business with them.

Their prices have gone up a bit since I started (who's have not?).

I cannot relate to any of the complaints but then again I do all of my own Sys Admin work and really only depend upon them for reboots which are always very prompt.

I did have an incident recently where one of my servers was randomly rebooting. At first it was diagnosed as a bad power supply. Codero quickly swapped this out .

The problem continued and then I requested they swap out the RAM. They swapped out both the RAM and power supply (Again). They did this promptly and without any problems or questions.

All and all I could not ask for much better service than that.

In my experience people (i.e customers) in the shared hosting space tend to be hyper critical. They expect to pay very little and get the world in return.

When I read comments like "Codero Sucks" " so and so is a moron or "Codero seems to be in the economy of deception." I tend to tune out immediately. Are these people running a competing business or something?

Ive been in the industry for a long time and have dealt with many hosting companies in both the shared and dedicated space. Ive rarely dealty with any that "Suck" - or engage in intentionally deceptive practices. Perhaps they are out there and perhaps Codero is one of them but Ive had nothing but positive experience with them and would recommend them.

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