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The Awesome "confused" Jonathan!!! The reason you're confused buddy, is because you're new to Codero. They certainly have a few reps here and there that are cordial and will talk to their new customers to make sure they don't bail right after signing up.

The problem happens when things go wrong. In a perfect world, Codero would be a cheap provider of hosting services and everything will be rosy.

Your problems start when their network is down, when you ask them to restart your server and they kill your hard drive, when they mess with your RAID controller to fix a parity error and they destroy your entire server, when your customers click on your paid link in Google, Bing or Yahoo, costing your your $1.43, and then they get a page not found!!!! Because Codero's Mickey-Mouse-Network happens to be non-responsive.

All of those customers who have given them a Better Business Beaureu rating of F were confused at the beginning too or they would not sign up with them to begin with. The problem is they've lost a ton of money and customers by the time they figure this out. That's why review pages like this exist as a public service to tell everyone to take their SERVER AND RUN FROM CODERO! Almost everyone on this review page already has! You will to. It is just a matter of time!
I appreciate your desire to remain anonymous, however, it makes it hard for me to speak about to the difficulties you experienced. At Codero, we make customer experience a top priority, as part of that we monitor sites like this very closely in order to learn about areas we can improve. If you would be willing to speak with a Codero representative about your concerns please contact Taylor, our Director of Support (taylorg[at]codero[dot]com), or you can contact me directly.

Best regards,
Shelby Garlock
Director, Marketing

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