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Since you know so much and are quick to quote articles about why you're not going bankrupt, why don't you englighten the entire board and let them know why you have changed your name almost a dozen times from:

Solo Hosting to
Cedant Web Hosting to
Abacus America Inc to
A Plus Net to
A+Net Internet Services to
Aplus.Net Internet Services to
Internet Abacus to to to

Guess what gentlemen??? a piece of @X&% of a company with any other name is STILL a piece of @X&% !!! You can change your name every time you SCREW enough customers and get an F rating from the BBB, but providing the same CRAPPY service, forces you to do it again!

I have reserved a name for you guys for next time: How about your tagline can be "we crap all over our customers and call it service!!!!"

This is the WORLD WIDE WEB Taylor...You can RUN, but you cannot HIDE!!!!!!!!!! has been a part of the hosting industry from the beginning and has evolved as the industry has evolved through mergers and acquisitions.

Abacus America Inc. was established in the early 1990’s as a hardware provider. As it evolved into an Internet services provider became the dba of the Abacus America Inc. business. Names4Ever, one of the first accredited domain registrars, was established by Abacus America Inc. and later merged into the brand.’s first shared hosting services were packaged as Solo hosting; was an expansion into budget hosting. Throughout these expansions and evolution purchased Cedant web hosting and WebImage design services which were later rolled up into the brand. In mid 2009 Abacus America Inc., and its shared hosting, web design and domain registration services were sold. The remaining dedicated and managed hosting services were rebranded as Codero.

Marketing representative (Chris Branding -, ).

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