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I signed up with their shared hosting service & bought a domain name with ID protection add-on. although their price is cheap, their services are just completely unacceptable & it was a pain in the ass when communicating with them

it seems like they don't have much common sense. they don't understand simple question & reluctant to answer questions related to technical issue. but they'll reply very promptly when you're still not their customer. after you paid, they'll ignore you most of the time.

they also don't fully deliver according to what you've ordered. e.g they don't register ID protection on my domain which I've ordered & paid, despite I showed them the receipt, they refuse to take action accordingly.

regarding their shared server, their software have a bug which will make your website unable to interact with users normally. I'm not sure whether they've fix it or not, because I've cancelled the service & asked for refund. at this point, they ignore me completely & NO refund was issued.

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