Jun 21, 2006 : Webbase Launches Hosting Services

openhost.co.nz logo📅 - New Zealand-based hosting and domain registrar provider Webbase (webbase.co.nz) announced on Tuesday it has launched a range of new wholesale and value added services, along with a newly revamped Web site. The company recently spent thousands of dollars investing on its new hosting infrastructure.

The new wholesale service offerings include dedicated servers with the direct admin control panel, one hour hardware replacement guarantees and a private label helpdesk for resellers. Additionally, end user customers will receive a free upgrade with new service guarantees including 30 minute helpdesk responses.

"We have been planning the release of the new services and website for a number of months to cater for our larger resellers and a fast growing wholesale market here in New Zealand," says Robin Dickie, managing director of Webbase. "We also really wanted to drive home the extra value Webbase offers clientele when compared to our local competitors, many of which do not offer out of hours support, let alone a direct contact to technicians 24/7."

Webbase provides Web hosting services to over 1,000 customers and operates exclusively in the New Zealand market with servers located in Auckland and Wellington.

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