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njangihost.com logo📅 - Hosting means availability and security, combined with high-performance management tools. Njangihost is no exception to this rule.

Since April 2023, with the change of data center, the availability of our servers has increased; it is now 99.99%.

In terms of security, we have integrated imunify360 into all our hosting packages. Our customers can rest easy, and we haven't had a single case of website piracy.

In terms of management tools, we've chosen to maintain cPANEL, the most popular and intuitive control panel on the market, despite skyrocketing prices. No other control panel offers the same level of satisfaction.

Today, thanks to cPANEL, you have integrated tools such as
WP Toolkit. But the revolution is above all the integration of these two tools:

1. SITEJET, a powerful site generator created by cPANEL. It lets you create professional websites in just a few clicks.
You get it for free in your control panel as soon as you purchase your hosting.

2. Site Quality Monitoring is an SEO and website monitoring tool published by Koality.
This tool checks the availability of your website every hour,
Every week, it also checks other metrics such as: performance (loading time), SEO, content, security, etc.

This is a major competitive advantage for Njangihost, which has been the web hosting leader in Cameroon and Central Africa since 2008, the year it was founded.

Numerous innovations:
In the coming months, Njangihost is announcing a number of new services, including the launch of cloud hosting, email archiving and facilities management, not to mention the integration of artificial intelligence into its development projects. The future looks bright for Njangihost's customers and partners.

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📅 - Need a free Domain and website. Host with njangihost.com - In our own little effort to promote ICT in Africa, we of NjangiHost have decided to offer Free Domain to all our clients and FREE websites to the next 10 African Clients. To maintain the smile, we will be offering 5FREE websites every month to first 5 clients to contact us within an announced period.
Price of hosting : 5$/Month

So keep checking our website (under modification) for announcement.

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