Voxility in the Top 10 Global Upstream Providers in Eastern Europe

voxility.com logo📅 - Eurostat observed that although Information and Communication Technology have become widely available to the European general public, both in terms of accessibility as well as cost, a significant boundary was crossed years ago, in 2007, when a majority (53 %) of households in the EU-27 had internet access. This proportion continued to increase, passing three quarters in 2012 and four fifths in 2014. By 2021, the share of EU households with internet access had risen to 92 %, some 20 percentage points higher than in 2011. You can see the entire documentation here: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php?title=Digital_economy_and_society_statistics_-_households_and_individuals#Internet_access.

This year, according to RIPE NCC's latest Internet Country Report, when it comes to Eastern Europe there are three countries facing similar opportunities and challenges in matters of connectivity and internet access services: Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania.

The Regional Context Regarding Internet Access and the Main Takeaways of the RIPE NCC Internet Country Report

The specific highlights of the RIPE NCC regional report are listed below:
"- All three countries display a healthy level of market competition and enjoy some of the lowest Internet access prices and fastest speeds in Europe.

- Romania has been exceptionally active on the IPv4 secondary market, as the biggest exporter of IPv4 addresses in the RIPE NCC service region.

- Despite holding large amounts of IPv6, Bulgaria and Moldova show very low IPv6 capability rates, and all three countries require further IPv6 deployment to accommodate future growth.

- Routing appears to be quite well optimised in the region, although local Internet exchange points don't appear to be heavily used.

- There is a reasonably high level of interconnectivity between the networks in each country.

- For the most part, the countries benefit from a diverse array of upstream providers connecting them to the rest of the global Internet, although a few providers in Moldova and Romania are highly dependent on just one or two sources for their international transit."

Voxility is ranked among the top 10 upstream providers in Moldova in RIPE NCC's latest Internet Country Report:

Voxility at a glance

Voxility offers enterprise-grade hardware and network equipment in 22 of the best inter-connected datacenters in the world, as well as premium colocation services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Its extends IaaS offerings and scalable bandwidth combined with Anti-DDoS services provides a flexible cloud-centric environment, but with all the control and security of an on-premises deployment.

Voxility (AS 3223) is connected with over 1600 other networks, among them Lumen (Level3), Arelion (Telia), NTT, Comcast, Telefonica, and Orange (France Telecom) and according to CAIDA, Voxility ranks among the top 100 largest internet networks on the planet.

You can download the entire RIPE NCC's Internet Country Report here: https://labs.ripe.net/documents/292/RIPE_NCC_Internet_Country_Report_Bulgaria_Moldova_Romania_May_2022_zpa3pqG.pdf.

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