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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

HostingB2B won the Best Hosting Provider of 2022 award at this year’s SiGMA Asia- Worlds Gaming Festival and we couldn’t be prouder of how far we have come. Thank you all for the honors, thank you SIGMA!

In 2020 we’ve made a promise to all of you out there, to provide premium Certified hosting solutions with dedication to advanced customer service experience. The award highlights in the best way that hard work, team spirit, and commitment always pay off, and as George Sarris, the HostingB2B CEO, put it “My reward is not the award, is to see people close to me get more excited than me”.

How we do business.
Our hosting product portfolio expands in Cyprus, Malta, the UK, Amsterdam, and Dubai with a special focus on the industries of IGaming, Forex, eCommerce, and Blockchain, including:

Dedicated Serves/ VPS Servers
Colocation Hosting
Web Hosting/ Email Hosting
Managed Services
We renew our promise and reassure you that HostingB2B will live up to its mission. The HostingB2B attitude is the only way!

About HostingB2B
Founded in 2020, HostingB2B is a Premium hosting provider offering Managed or Unmanaged Servers, for Industries that require their services on a 24/7 basis as well as to be covered by any regulatory framework.

HostingB2B offers its services in Cyprus – Malta – UK – Netherlands – UAE – Germany, focusing especially in iGaming – ecommerce – Forex and Blockchain industries.

HostingB2B Flagship products are Dedicated Servers, Domains, SSL’s and VPS which are fully automated, through their web portal giving the end-user the possibility to FULLY MANAGE the product as per their clients’ needs.

For more information:

Support Phone: +357 24 205888



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