Contabo Equips High-Performance VPS with Brand New NVMe Drives logo📅 - Munich, Germany – August 3rd, 2021 – Contabo, a global VPS and Dedicated Server provider headquartered in Germany, announced an upgrade to their flagship High-Performance VPS portfolio. Effective today, all newly purchased VPS will be equipped with brand new NVMe Drives at no extra cost. The move will offer Contabo customers additional performance regardless of if they host websites, run e-commerce software or operate databases on their VPS.

We have all experienced the frustration of slow-responding software. No matter if we are talking about a slow responding remote desktop, a CRM that updates a record for 60 seconds or lagging game server, it is the drive read and write speed (measured in IOPS) that is a limiting factor. Often there is enough RAM and CPU available, but a given process waits for the disk read/write operation to finish before moving forward which visibly slows down the performance of a VPS. Also, new software is written with the new hardware capabilities in mind so upgrading to the most recent hardware is often a prerequisite to run theses workloads efficiently.

With NVMe this is no longer a problem as these drives offer up to 10x performance compared to SSD drives. Contabo utilizes brand new NVMe drives manufactured by SAMSUNG, which were chosen due to a great ratio between performance and purchase price. While looking at the manufacturer’s specification sheet one can see that this drive offers around 1,000,000 Random Read IOPS while the previously used SSDs offered a performance in the range of 100,000 IOPS. This means websites will load faster, database queries will execute faster, even Windows on remote desktops will be faster.

“Our goal is to delight customers with the speed of their VPS, while keeping the entry price under $7” - says Thomas Noglik, Contabo CEO. “We have noticed that most customers would benefit greatly from faster disks while most doesn’t need all the storage capacity VPS SSD have to offer. That is why we decided to offer a smaller, but much faster drive at the same price. We are adding an additional flexibility: you can choose by faster NVMe storage or larger SSD drive. There is even an option to pay a dollar or two more for additional NVMe space.”

The VPS with the new NVMe drives are already available on in all Regions across the globe. NVMe drives are chosen by default for VPS S, VPS M, VPS L or VPS XL models. As an alternative, larger SSD drives are still available at no extra cost. Customers can also buy an additional NVMe storage for a small extra fee when ordering their new VPS.

Customers who had a chance to test the new NVMe VPS during closed beta are enthusiastic: “I would never expect so much performance from a €4.99 VPS” says Daljeet Kumar, a Contabo customer from India who use his for personal projects. “The disk space is smaller, but it's absolutely sufficient. At the same time, I like that I can choose the drive type every time I buy a new VPS.”

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