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IDrive Online Backup Releases IDrive Compute - a VPS Hosting [...]

IDrive Online Backup Releases IDrive Compute - a VPS Hosting and Edge Computing Service for Developers & Enterprises

March 18, 2021 - LOS ANGELES - March 18, 2021 -- IDrive Online Backup has introduced IDrive Compute, a reliable, high-performance VPS hosting solution with a newly built-out network of 20 US based Edge Computing locations. IDrive® Compute enables developers and businesses to host multiple NVMe-powered instances on an infrastructure loaded with powerful physical servers and robust hardware resources, all managed off-premise. IDrive® Compute’s Edge locations improve efficiency by reducing latency and improving performance. Collecting, analyzing or even just passing through the data at an edge closest to the end-user instead of a centralized cloud or server ensures faster response, efficient business operations that promotes a strong and fast-performing business ecosystem.

With IDrive® Compute, businesses along with developers can create and manage multiple virtual machines, run projects with little latency, schedule backups for the instances, take snapshots in real-time, and attach more space to them with block-storage. The VPS infrastructure lets users accommodate computing projects of any scale and size.

VPS hosting is available in the following packages:

Shared CPU - starting at $0.0074/per hour or $5/month for 1 CPU Core, 1GB RAM Memory, 20GB NVMe and 1TB of bandwidth transfer.
Dedicated CPU comes in three different options: CPU-Optimized, Memory-Optimized and Storage-Optimized

Users can spin up a virtual instance in seconds, allowing for faster connectivity and minimal latency to run large-scale workloads via a distributed edge computing network. These instances can be customized based on need, letting users pick an appropriate Linux distribution, decide CPU size, and get add-ons such as enabling backup and private IP functionalities.

Compute also gives users the ability to create and add block storage volumes to expand the storage for a Compute instance. Data stored in the volumes remains intact even if the corresponding instance is deleted, letting users connect the volume to another instance to access the data.

IDrive® Compute comes with many cloud edge computing features that are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

Centralized management - manage compute instances, volumes, snapshots, backups, users and billing from a unified web console.
Operating system of choice - select from standard Linux distributions CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE Leap, Debian to build the virtual machines.
Scheduled backup - safeguard a compute instance from failure and reduce its downtime during a disaster by enabling scheduled backup.
Expandable storage - Increase the storage capacity of compute instances by adding high-speed volumes as secondary storage.
Live snapshots - take real-time snapshots of instances for point-in-time recovery and creating new instances.
High throughput - manage heavy traffic for instances and run compute-intensive applications without any network lag.
Anywhere access - access a virtual server with the public IP from anywhere across the globe with an active internet connection.
Security and Compliance - protect instances from malicious attacks by implementing SSH Key-based authentication and firewalls. Meet compliance requirements laid out by Federal business regulatory bodies.

IDrive® Compute offers a pay-as-you-use pricing model with on-demand scalability so businesses can scale their computing infrastructure as their requirements increase. Pricing remains consistent across all regions, with no hidden charges for specific regions.

About IDrive
IDrive Inc. is a privately held company specializing in cloud storage, online backup, file sharing, remote access, compliance and related technologies. Core services include IDrive®,RemotePC™ and IBackup. The company's services help over 4 million customers back up over 200 Petabytes of data.

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