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Blazing Fast BDIX Shared Hosting and BDIX VPS - No More Slow Websites!!! logo📅 - Dhaka, Bangladesh Jan 17, 2021 ( - NR Hosting Limited is thrilled to announce the launch of our new products - BDIX Shared Hosting and BDIX VPS. These products are currently available on our website, NR Hosting Ltd, from 16th Jan 2021.

The BDIX Shared Hosting starts from USD 5 and goes up to USD 20. You can select the package suitable for you according to your need.

The BDIX VPS starts from USD 17.50 and goes up to USD 117.50. You can select the package you desire and suitable for you and there is a provision for you to upgrade.

Premium features included with every package!

Our BDIX Hosting is built upon a fully managed cloud infrastructure that includes premium hardware, premium networking, expert handling support, and server management – all with the best uptime in the industry!

LiteSpeed: Enjoy the fastest web server on the market. LiteSpeed provides unparalleled performance benefits for your website.

cPanel: Manage your account with cPanel control panel access. Packed with features that are easy to use and understand to give you full control.

Ultimate Performance: Experience performance like no other. We know your website performance is critical, so we provide only the best of the best.

Unbeatable Uptime: Uptime is important which is why we go to great lengths to ensure your website is online all the time.

Free SSL Certificates: Get a free SSL certificate for all of your domains.

Multiple PHP Versions: Select the PHP version that is right for your application!

Integrated File Manager: Use the integrated file manager to easily update, move, or delete files within your account.

SSD Backed: Our shared hosting plans are backed by enterprise-grade solid-state drives. We take advantage of the latest hardware to provide you the ultimate speed.

Imunify360: Imunify360 is included with every account. This provides enhanced detection and protection from some of the most common threats that websites face today!

Softaculous: Need an app installed? No problem, Softaculous has a library of over 400 applications that can be installed at the click of a button!

phpMyAdmin: phpMyAdmin is a great tool to manage your MySQL database with full GUI support to help you navigate and update your database.

So, what are you waiting for? Just visit NR Hosting Ltd and enjoy the hosting service never before! Reads: 763 | Category: General | Source: WHTop :
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