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Jan, 2021 : Benefits of BDIX cPanel Hosting in Bangladesh

nrhosting.com logoJanuary 14, 2021 - NR Hosting Ltd provides Best BDIX cPanel Hosting. BDIX is an Internet Exchange Point IXP where ISP’s & other Data service providers gets connected among them. It’s like an ISP Data Junction. More Than 3500 ISP in Bangladesh interconnected with BDIX connection. If your site hosted for Bangladeshi People/Audience, you significantlyneed cPanel hosting in BDIX server. NR Hosting Ltd has two different locations (Data Center), one in Dhaka and the other in CTG, Bangladesh.

Benefits of BDIX cPanel Hosting in Bangladesh

Benefits of BDIX cPanel Hosting in Bangladesh
Saves International Bandwidth
BDIX Connectivity will save your server International Bandwidth. Its seem use local bandwidth. It means when one user form an ISP sends a file to another user in another ISP – the data does not need to travel out of country.

Low Latency
If you have BDIX Connectivity your site running through very low Latency. In case of Local Traffic data first goes to the BDIX from the source ISP & BDIX routes the data to destines ISP. Latency will be 7 ms to 9 ms.

High Data Volume
If you want Major Data Transfer, BDIX Connectivity will help. Because of Inter Exchange You will get best transfer rate. Currently BDIX provide 1 Gbps Connectivity. That will provide you best High Data Volume Transfer rate.

If you have Redundancy BDIX will support it. If international Connection interrupted BDIX will help you to maintain live your service. Currently BDIX Connectivity Running with Solid Platform & it’s up time 99.999%.

BDIX cPanel Hosting
That was all from Benefits of BDIX Hosting. Following are our BDIX Hosting Packages. Choose the best package that suits you.

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