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Jan 13, 2021 : 2 New Server Models

zetservers.com logoJanuary 13, 2021 - Dual E5-2660v3 with 20 core and 40 threads with 128GB RAM and 5Gbps - 20Gbps Unmetered Guaranteed Bandwidth is now available.

Dual E5-2699v4 with 44 core and 88 threads with 256GB RAM and 10Gbps - 40Gbps Unmetered Guaranteed Bandwidth is now available

Promotional 100 EUR discount on the Dual E5-2660v3 server with promo code: 2660PROMO for preorders placed before January 18 2021

Network upgrade to 400Gbps uplinks.

New PoP in Amsterdam available before the end of the month
New PoP in Frankfurt available since January 10th

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