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Optimservers Cloud Hosting, a Saudi Arabian-based company that [...]

Optimservers Cloud Hosting, a Saudi Arabian-based company that provides premium web and cloud hosting solutions hosting for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and developers, has announced a dramatic overhaul of its shared hosting platform.

optim.com.sa logoNovember 21, 2020 - The new hosting plans affect new shared hosting customers. Current cloud customers of Optimservers will still enjoy their current shared hosting plans, as all existing plans and hosting subscriptions are automatically grandfathered to their current pricing, features, and infrastructure.

"Optimservers Cloud Hosting' offerings are now suited to all phases of a business's web hosting cycle. Our new services fulfill the needs of those businesses just beginning to build a web presence and the needs of growing businesses demanding more out of their hosting plans. As our customer's web hosting needs grow, we grow with them," said Ahmed Al Basher, Director of Digital Marketing.

The new plans are designed so that even new website owners will have a stress free and easy experience. Optimservers's entry-level shared hosting plan, the StartSmart, allows customers to host one domain name with their account. In contrast, the mid-level plan, now called the ScaleRight plan, allows customers to host unlimited domain names within the same account. The newly launched SpeedUp plan offers an enhanced platform, increased reliability, and extra speed.

SpeedUp will exceed what was offered before in the other plans, providing even more server resources and fewer clients' limitations. Faster than its two fellow plans, the new SpeedUp shared hosting solution boasts Solid State Drive (SSD) for storage and databases and is set up in a redundant RAID 10 configuration for optimal speed and data security. With this setup, you will never have to worry about failed hard drives and data loss.

It also leverages 5-layers custom caching configuration including Varnish, APC, OPCode and Memcached, CDN (Content Delivery Network), a global CDN powered by the industry leader in website security, 3 x more CPU and RAM, three times less populated servers, that increases website speed up to 300%. "In addition, it runs on the blazingly fast LiteSpeed LSAPI PHP for optimal TTFB that Google will fall in love with."

What is impressive is the list of amazing features and included extras that come at no additional cost: SpamExperts Mail Protection, Patchman, Free GlobalSign Private SSL for life, and many more.

"We have always wanted to be the final hosting decision someone had to make," said Khalid Mustafa, Director of Product at Optimservers. "We understand the trouble it takes to research, plan for, and study a web hosting provider. Our goal was always that once you choose us, there's never a need to go through that process again. Our new cloud hosting plans help us get closer to that goal."

Are you coming from a different host? Help is available at no cost – Optimservers will make the transition from another host hassle-free with free website transfer service offered on all shared hosting plans.

About Optimservers Cloud Hosting Inc.
Optimservers Inc. is a full-service web hosting provider located in Saudi Arabia, focusing on server stability, excellent customer service, and ease in web hosting. They continue to impress current and potential clients with speedy replies and exceptional support.

Optimservers Cloud Hosting Team has been in the web hosting business for more than ten years. While providing professional services in the field of System Administration to private and business clients, the team grasped the opportunity to launch our public cloud hosting service in late 2009. By doing so, Optimservers preserved their core values and built on our previous experience to deliver a finely crafted PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Contact Information
Muhammed Usman Faizy

Optimservers Cloud Hosting Inc.
7910 ash shawqiyah
Makkah, 24351
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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