Apr 6, 2020 : A new range of VPS plans on vStack

serverspace.io logoApril 6, 2020 - We have launched a new range of fixed VPS plans powered by vStack hyper-convergent platform for Linux and Windows.

The minimum configuration of the Linux server on vStack with 1 CPU, 1 RAM, and 25 GB SSD and placement in the largest data center in Amsterdam or in the USA, costs 4 euro. It is one of the best among the cloud infrastructure rental market offers.

At the same time, our customers still have access to both, fixed plans and custom configurations of virtual servers based on The VMware enterprise solution.

What is vStack?
vStack is the latest OpenSource technology platform. Each of them a set of unique features:

Simplified codebase, democratic community, bold decisions to boost development.
Bhyve hypervisor
It is lightweight, has an extraordinary model of using virtual memory. Simultaneously, it has a unique approach to CPU virtualization.
ZFS file system
POSIX layer and an A.C.I.D. transactional integrity model, advanced configuration model, shared volumes and file systems management, advanced integrity, correction, and recovery checking mechanisms, as well as the two-level adaptive replacement cache (ARC).

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