Jelastic Launches Launched ‘Enterprise-Grade’ WordPress Hosting [...]

Jelastic Launches Launched ‘Enterprise-Grade’ WordPress Hosting Package logoNovember 23, 2019 - Jelastic has launched its auto-scalable WordPress cluster to provide "enterprise-level availability, easy setup and management for highly-loaded projects."
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Feb 13, 2020 - Jelastic Lightweight Private PaaS Now Offered Through DigitalOcean - Jelastic PaaS Lite Edition is now available for automatic installation on top of DigitalOcean's cloud hosting infrastructure. This turnkey solution includes a wide set of tools and functionality that can be used by IT departments for management of cloud-native and legacy ...

Jun 22, 2018 - #Jelastic Enhances Market Presence in India, Partners with Web Hosting Provider #Leapswitch - Jelastic (, a global company delivering cloud software for hosting providers, enterprises and developers combining "the benefits" of PaaS and CaaS in a single turnkey package, has signed a strategic partnership with web hosting provider Leapswitch from India. Leapswitch is a web hosting infrastructure provider since 2006 with worldwide distributed data centers.

As a result of this collaboration, new and existing Leapswitch customers including Indian developers, startups and companies with IT departments, will be able to move their projects from traditional hosting to the cloud "in order not to compromise on modern DevOps functionality, scaling or flexibility." They will get ...
Apr 26, 2018 - @Jelastic Shield Version 5.4 Offers Upgraded Cloud Protection With New Firewall Management System - Multi-cloud DevOps PaaS provider, Jelastic, has announced a new product release named Shield 5.4, highlighting its main target on security enhancements. Within this latest release of Jelastic Shield, the platform was upgraded with a new firewall management system, private network isolation and a set of other features demanded by customers.

"The guarantee of security is considered as one of the main requirements among our cloud customers," said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic.

One of the major features of the Jelastic Shield 5.4 release is a newly implemented possibility to manage inbound and outbound firewall rules on the container level through a "convenient" graphical interface. A ...