Powerful Yet Affordable Xen VPS Hosting Only With Whitelabel [...]

Powerful Yet Affordable Xen VPS Hosting Only With Whitelabel ITSolutions Services

whitelabelitsolutions.com logoJuly 13, 2019 - We guarantee you won´t regret hiring the most powerful yet totally affordable Xen VPS packages that you will only find at the number one colocation and hosting provider in America, Whitelabel ITSolutions.

Xen is the name for nothing other than the Xen Project hypervisor. It is currently developed by the Linux Foundation with support from Intel. Similar to KVM, it aims to provide a mechanism through which the Linux kernel can be used as a hypervisor when virtualizing computer systems. A hypervisor is a process that separates a computer’s operating system and applications from the underlying physical hardware. Usually done as software embedded hypervisors, can be created for things like mobile devices. The hypervisor drives the concept of virtualization by allowing the physical host machine to operate multiple virtual machines as guests to help maximize the effective use of computing resources such as memory, network bandwidth and CPU cycles.

Xen VPS Hosting allows users to utilize full native speeds just like a Dedicated Server. Every VPS is guaranteed its own RAM as well as swap space so as to compensate any possibility of unexpected RAM usage. Xen offers several advantages over other platforms like swap space, loadable kernel module and access to remote console for any kind of troubleshooting. One of the major advantages of Xen VPS hosting is that it does not allow overselling and so all the resources that are purchased by you will be allocated just to you.

Whitelabel ITSolutions´ powerful, yet affordable, Xen virtual private servers offer greater control at highly competitive prices; our Xen VPS is designed for efficient management of Windows and Linux virtual servers. All of the Xen Virtual Private Servers are equipped with SSD RAID10, backup up by a 24/7 tech support service and a 99.999% network uptime guarantee, among many other features. You can choose from our Xen Starter, Xen Optimal, Xen Advanced and Xen Super packages; each one delivering unique advantages one better than the other tailored to your needs and we will grow with, when hiring our services you will be part of the most flexible and scalable environment. Our Xen hosting plans are so feature rich and perfectly maintained that you will not find better performance anywhere else!

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