WorldStream Advises Users to Protect Windows Servers Against [...]

WorldStream Advises Users to Protect Windows Servers Against RDP Zero-Day Vulnerability

June 7, 2019 - As a fast-growing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider, WorldStream has 15,000 dedicated servers scattered across its data centers including Linux and Windows-based servers. WorldStream Security Expert Samuel Trommel now urges Windows server administrators worldwide to setup a firewall with trusted sources whitelisted until Microsoft will hopefully come up with a proper patch next week for a just discovered zero-day leak in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Author: Samuel Trommel, Security Expert WorldStream

Joe Tammariello of Carnegie Mellon University ( (Pittsburgh) Software Engineering Institute (SEI) discovered a zero-day vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows [...][... Check source for end of article ...]
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