Mar, 2019 : Switching Web Hosting Services without Losing SEO Value logo!March 25, 2019 - Web hosting is one of the vital factors in ranking since it affects key attributes like the load speed of your website, as well as its uptime. Web hosting affects SEO strongly, to say the least. This means if you have put a lot of effort into optimizing your site, picking a different web host (as well as your choice of host) would merit long, detailed consideration beforehand.

Decide Whether to Make the Move

Migrating your website normally leads to traffic loss for some amount of time. Over time, your new site would work and get back on the search rankings page, to a position based mostly on where it was at the start. This is the best possible outcome you can expect. On top of that, lots of complexities which can hamper your site’s growth and presence can arise in that time, and these may pertain to your precious ranking position. A switch is worth it when you are doing a significant rebranding or moving to HTTPS. Besides, there are other situations too when you have to migrate, and these depend on what you feel is right for your SEO.

Select the Right Web Hosting Platform

Once you have decided to go ahead with the move, you need to find a good web host ( ) which can accommodate all your needs. A hosting platform offering superior technical features should be able to deal with your SEO requirements. That said, before you choose, you have to ensure the option fits you well. For instance, you can look at the following things.

1. The technical specification of a server like OS, system version, and others.
2. The server’s bandwidth
3. Documentation, and technical support
4. Low downtime or maximum uptime (whichever is applicable)

Choose the Web Server Location Carefully

Geographical advantage can also be a decisive factor in your SEO. The location of your new server should help you cater to your target audience through your website. Just about all service providers allow clients to select the server of their choice. You just need to pick a host that gives you both solid and wide-ranging options.

Create a Backup

Prior to making the move, you have to back up all the files and data on your website. This step will make sure that you can go back to the original site, in case things go south. After a proper backup, you are ready to move your website to the new platform which hosts your site. You could do this on your own, or ask your web host to do it for you. Reads: 67 | Category: General | Source: WHTop :
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