Hystax Acura Live Migration to Alibaba #Cloud Now Globally Available

alibabacloud.com logo!January 8, 2019 - Hystax, a provider of Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery (DR) software, has announced global availability of ‘Hystax Acura Live Migration to Alibaba Cloud (hystax.com)' – an automated solution to bring business applications to Alibaba Cloud with consistent background replication and instant launch of workloads on a target site.

Alibaba Cloud now has 19 data center regions and 52 availability zones available globally. Hystax Acura would enable companies to migrate even the most complex workloads to this fast-growing Chinese cloud provider without downtime or data loss. Hystax offers a fully-automated solution to migrate to Alibaba Cloud while providing native Alibaba Cloud support.

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Company: Alibaba Cloud

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