#CloudLinux Resource Allocation Feature Now Works With Plesk [...]

#CloudLinux Resource Allocation Feature Now Works With Plesk Control Panel

April 17, 2018 - CloudLinux (cloudlinux.com) OS's resource allocation feature for web hosting resellers – Reseller Limits – now works with Plesk control panel. The Reseller Limits feature allows resellers to manage end-user resource usage.

Hosting providers can set limits on the number of resources each reseller can operate. It gives tools to the resellers to control the resources each end-user has right inside Plesk control panel. These resources include CPU, IO, memory, number of processes, and concurrent connections per each end-user.

"The Reseller Limits feature in CloudLinux OS was one of the most anticipated enhancements released 5 months ago, and now customers of Plesk can fully take advantage of [...][... Check source for end of article ...]
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