Dec, 2017 : Atak Domain .ru became partner for Turkey logo📅 - With the agreement made between Atak Domain Hosting and RuCenter

With the agreement concluded between Atak Domain Hosting and RuCenter, Atak Domain Hosting .ru became domain partner.

Concluding a partnership agreement aimed at the first .ru domain extensions partner in Turkey; our company pursues its activities as principal scribe in other extensions.

Extensions to which we are a domain partner; - .su - .rf

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Atak Domain / AtakTeknoloji company was established in 2003. We have experience with over fifteen years providing international domain name registration. Our company has been following developments globally since its establishment and it has adopted customer’s satisfaction as a rule with its quality concept at world standards and strong technical infrastructure. Accordingly, it was awarded by ISO 9000 quality management system certificate in 2007 as one of firsts in its sector. Team Reads: 1426 | Category: General | Source: WHTop :
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