Mar, 2017 : GoDaddy Boosting WordPress Security by Acquiring Sucuri

Mar 28, 2017 - Recently, GoDaddy acquired Sucuri in order to ensure they have great WordPress security. Sucuri will continue to run their business as normal, while GoDaddy will provide customers with Sucuri security services. No financial terms from the deal were provided.

New security products are also a part of the deal. Both companies said they plan to work together to provide new security products in the newer future.

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Other news logo!Mar 27, 2017 - Two Incidents Caused the Issues with Microsoft Azure Storage - Last week, two incident disrupted the service of 26 regions out of 28 for Microsoft Azure's public cloud. One incident was caused by a software error and may have kept customers from during on diagnostics or using other resources. The other incident lasted about 8 hours and caused outages for many Azure services.

In 2012, Azure suffered a 12-hour outage on leap day, which caused the company to refund one-third of the bill of customers. In 2013, the company suffered a partial performance degradation and in 2014, a shorter service disruption. This isn't anything new for the ...
Mar 27, 2017 - Everything You Need to Know About Email - Email has become a normal part of our life, so much so, some people actually schedule time for email to avoid it as an all-day distraction. While email is still very new, it's not going away. We all use it every day and often many times throughout the day.

Millennials would rather communicate through email than over the phone. It has become one of the most reliable ways to communicate without having to spend time on the phone. Did you know that 205 billion emails are sent on a daily basis? Since email, the U.S. Postal Office has seen mail volume go down about 27%.

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Mar 24, 2017 - Does Your Site have Too Much Content? - Is it actually possible to have too much content Could content be your problem instead of your ally?

When it comes to content, those saying you may have too much are those looking at the bounce rate. While your bounce rate is important, it's also important to have great content, as that's the reason people come to your website.

There are two sides of this equation and it really doesn't come down to how many blog posts you have, but it's more about how long the blog posts are. One side believes longer equals more SEO benefits, while the other side believes shorter helps to keep your bounce rate down.

When Shorter Content Makes Sense

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Mar 29, 2017 - WhatsApp Told by the UK to Open Up to Intelligence Services - The U.K. Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, recently told WhatsApp, a Facebook company, to open up their encryption to security services. Rudd also said she wants online companies to be aggressive in shutting down any websites used by terrorists.

This comes after Khalid Masood killed four people in London last week. He has used the WhatsApp right before the attack and Rudd believes WhatsApp needs to do more to help the country fight ...
Mar 30, 2017 - The Cloud Era Soon to Include North Korea - A new announcement was made by the state media of North Korea recently. They will soon be joining the cloud era by launching their own cloud computing service. It will be called Eunjong or Benevolent Affection and will provide cloud storage similar to Dropbox or Google Drive.

This news came right after the launch of online business-to-business shopping in North Korea late last year. No date for the service becoming available for the general public has been made. Currently, reports believe only about a half-million North Koreans have access to the state's ...
Mar 31, 2017 - Historic Philadelphia Building Work Has Begun - Linode, a cloud hosting provider, has started work on a historic building in Philadelphia. The building covers 15,000 square feet and will be converted into an office space for the company. Last year, Linode was selected to restore the building, which dates back to 1902.

It's a three-story building, which used to be the home of Union Bank of Philadelphia and the Girard Cork Exchange National Bank and Trust Company. It was also used as the set of the MTV show The Real World: Philadelphia in 2004.

The building is listed on both the local and national register of historic places. It provides unique features, such as limestone columns, a granite stoop, glass pocket doors and bronze ...