WordPress Users Get Help from WP Engine with Upgrading to PHP 7

Mar 6, 2017 - WP Engine recently announced they will help WordPress users with the adoption of PHP 7. They will be offering this environment for all of their customers, along with the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker plugin, which they launched a couple months ago.

The upgrade process is pretty easy, according to WP Engine and will be seamless for all their customers. They have already gone through extensive testing to ensure all of their customers have an easy path for adopting PHP 7.

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Mar 3, 2017 - All IT Hardware Vendors Hit by Fatal Clock - Cisco was hit by the clock signal flaw, which has been catastrophic, but it has been shown they are not alone. This fatal clock destroys IT Gear and has impacted other products, such as HPE, Dell, Synology, Juniper Systems and others.

HPE confirmed it, just as other vendors did, recently as the faulty clock component would start to fail after 18 months of use. This will cause the equipment to no longer boot up and it will become unrecoverable.

HPE also announced this problem comes from the Intel Atom C200-series processors, also known as Rangeley or Avoton. This points to a much broader issue than originally expected as this chipset is used by many ...
Mar 2, 2017 - Smaller ISPs Not Bound by Net Neutrality Transparency Rules after FCC Vote - For ISPs with less than 250K subscribers, they no longer have to comply with the transparency rules from the 2015 Title II net neutrality order. This came after the FCC voted to adopt a new order last week.

Carriers with fewer than 100K subscribers already didn't have to comply with these rules, but now the commission has changed things again. It's expected that the FCC will roll back the entire Title II Orders before it expires in ...
Mar 1, 2017 - Shifting to Smaller Size Creates Struggles for HPE’s Whitman - The rising costs of supplies and aggressive cloud competition has made it difficult for HPE's Meg Whitman to create a more efficient corporate-technology provider. The announcement came on Thursday that the company has missed the analysts' estimates and projections for three quarters in a row.

Whitman stated she pushed some executives to hard, but also stated some things were out of her control. The big problem is the competition from companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft. They are growing fast and HPE is getting smaller to become more nimble, but it's not panning out as ...
wix.com logo!Mar 7, 2017 - Wix Chairman Believe Rally Isn’t Over Yet - Wix.com tripled its business over the past year and the company's chairman believes they are “nowhere near” finished. The first profits for the company were recorded last quarter after being in business for 11 years.

Wix relies on a “freemium” model allowing customers to use free products and upgrade as they see fit for better packages and features. Chairman Mark Tluszcz believes the company should have one billion users, but they have heavy competition from companies, such as Weebly and ...
Mar 7, 2017 - Top Cloud Providers Plan More Submarine Cables - As the cloud continues to gather more users and more data, global bandwidth needs are increasing steadily alongside. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon – the hyper-scale cloud platforms – are getting more involved in intercontinental submarine cable technology by financing the submarine cable projects for cable builders who have the technology. Occasionally, the companies will act as cable project investors or owners.

Google and Facebook recently invested in the construction of the Pacific Light Cable Network, which will connect Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Microsoft and Facebook invested in the MAREA cable as well, which will connect Spain to Virginia.

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Mar 7, 2017 - HPE’s $1 Billion Nimble Acquisition Increase Storage Offerings - Nimble Storage, a predictive flash storage company, was recently acquired by HPE in a plan to increase the storage offerings of its mid-range and entry level customers. A Tuesday announcement said the $1 billion acquisition will likely include an additional payout of around $200 million in unvested equity awards for Nimble.

Hybrid-flash and all-flash storage products will now be alongside HPE's entry-level MSA and StoreVirtual solutions, as well as it's higher end 3PAR storage solution. The flash storage market alone is expected to grow by around $4 billion by 2020 up to $20 billion. HPE's recent revenue declines will appreciate this expected boost.

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