Safe Harbor in Australia Should Extend to All Service Providers

Dec 28, 2016 - According to a report from the Productivity Commission in Australia, the country should scrap the “innovation patent” system and use the safe harbor IP scheme for all online service providers. These changes could help to save the education system licensing fees and could benefit ecommerce venders, online service providers and SMEs, according to the commissioner.

This would cause fewer obstacles for cloud computing firms and other online service providers. It would also make the copyright system more adaptable to the newer services and technologies.


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Dec 28, 2016 - New Cybersecurity Trends You’ll See in 2017 - The Data Center Journal recently released a list of cybersecurity trends that will be new to us in 2017. While many security vulnerabilities have been problematic in the beginning of the cloud transition, the increased amount of data and channels that cause new vulnerabilities to arise are a major concern to companies and users with data stored in the cloud framework.

Following are the 7 cybersecurity trends we'll see more of 2017.

Cybersecurity trends in 2017
More security vulnerabilities coming through the Internet of Things (IoT).
Mainstream's transition to the cloud and mobile computing will increase demands for security.
Hacktivism and state-sponsored hacking means countries will ...
Dec 28, 2016 - Cloud and Data Centers in for Security Challenges in 2017, Experts Say - More cloud users mean more data and new technologies that transmit that data securely. But the “securely” part is going to become more difficult in 2017, according to experts at Cisco. The latest Cisco Cloud Index Report talks about the changes happening right now in the cloud and data sector that will affect security considerations:

Hyperscale data center traffic will quintuple by 2020, making it 53 percent of all data center traffic.
Ninety-two percent of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers by 2020
Seventy-four percent of total cloud workloads will be SaaS by 2020
Enterprise workloads will make up seventy-two percent of total workloads by 2020.

Additionally, cloud data ...
Dec 23, 2016 - Managed WordPress Hosting Company from FullHost - FullHost has announced they will now offer managed WordPress hosting. The company is found in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and was created in 2004. They currently offer comprehensive online solutions with data centers in both Toronto and Vancouver.

The services offered by FullHost includes shared hosting, reseller hosting, bare metal dedicated servers and managed virtual cloud options. Now, they will offer new WordPress services including managed WordPress hosting perfect for those using this CMS. The solutions will be optimized to fit WordPress perfectly and provide a more efficient hosting ...
Dec 28, 2016 - Could Cloud in 2017 Get a Bit Messy? - With more users, more data and more capabilities, a security threat matrix is now an important part of any cloud ecosystem. This could cause cloud computing to get a bit messy in 2017.

According to the latest report from Cisco Cloud, it's expected that hyperscale datacenters will account for about 53% of data centers by 2020. It's also believed that about 92% of the workloads will be processed through a cloud data center and 74% will be SaaS.

Along with these statistics, attacks are becoming more sophisticated and more frequent. This makes attacks on cloud data more dangerous as they become more advanced. DDoS may still be the most common type of attack used, but this could change as ... logo!Dec 29, 2016 - The risk of losing business-critical data. will that affect your company’s continuity? - Enterprise backup has been challenging for over a decade with constant troubleshooting failures, optimising performance, managing media, and meeting backup windows result in operational overhead that offers no competitive advantage. But, now Cloud services continue to be a top priority for CIOs & CTOs. Technology leaders rate Cloud computing as the most important IT initiative in the current era and it is still gaining a momentum. The risk of losing business-critical data can cost million of dollars to the company and building their own Data center is a tedious process which will lead to huge capital investments & hiring quality certified professionals to monitor their own ...
Dec 29, 2016 - Which Acquisitions Were Most Significant from 2016? - Many acquisitions happened throughout 2016 and caused a stir. However, none were more significant than the following 10:

Cisco's purchase of Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion
Oracle's Acquisition of Ravello Systems for $500 million
LeaseWeb USA's acquisition of Nobis Technology Group
Microsoft's Acquisition of LinkeIn for $26 billion
Samsung's Acquisition of Joyent
United Internationals Sale to Warburg Pincus
Oracle's Acquisition of Dyn
GoDaddy's Acquisition of Host Europe Group for $1.79 billion
HNA's Acquisition of Ingram Micro
United Internet's Acquisition of Strato

All of these acquisitions showed where the industry is going and how larger companies are headed in a specific ...