Nov, 2016 : Major Stake of United Internet to be Sold logo!November 11, 2016 - United Internet has announced they will sell a major stake in their web hosting business, which is headquartered in Montabaur, Germany. The company is a major player with many global brands including WEB.DE, GMX, 1&1, Arsys, Fasthosts and The total number of customers tops 16 million combined.

The deal is reportedly worth $497 million, which is the price Warburg Pincus has agreed to pay. Warburg Pincus is headquartered in New York City and was established in 1966. They also have a presence in Brazil, India, China and Europe. They will acquire a 33% stake in United Internet's Business Applications Unit.

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Company: 1&1 IONOS

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Jun 3, 2018 - 1&1 Starts Offering Free SSL Wildcard Certificate with Every Web Hosting Package - One of the world's largest web hosting providers, 1&1, has unveiled its offering of a free SSL wildcard certificate with every hosting package, to assist website operators to protect their domain including all subdomains. An SSL-encrypted website is identified by HTTPS and a green lock symbol in the web browser, ensuring visitors that it is a secured website that they can trust.

For search engines like Google, SSL is a positive feature that would lead to a better ranking of websites and online retailers that are displayed in search results. 1&1 has also developed a new SSL infrastructure that would guarantee fast domain validation within minutes of online installation and also block DDoS ...
Sep 25, 2015 - Fasthosts sets new standards with virtualised hosting packages - Fasthosts Internet Ltd, ( Total Reviews: 7
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), a leading Web and Cloud hosting provider, today introduced brand new, cutting edge web hosting packages based on virtualisation technology. Designed to create the best experience a developer can have with a hosting package. Fasthosts' Cluster platform shares the load of each website among multiple servers, minimising website resource contention and maintaining high levels of uptime. With in-built redundancy, users now benefit from maximum levels of performance and complete peace of mind.

Fasthosts' new hosting range is now more flexible than ever, utilising a hybrid operating system design so multiple sites can be hosted flexibly in either ...
Jul 17, 2015 - 1&1 Unveils a New Generation of Cloud Servers to US Market - 1&1 Internet, Inc. (, a global leader among Web hosts, today announces the launch of its new 1&1 Cloud Server line in the United States. Now companies, developers and integrators looking to move their Web projects and business applications to a flexible and efficient environment can take advantage of impressive functionalities and ease-of-use with this new Cloud solution. 1&1 Cloud Server is also well placed to satisfy existing Cloud users who wish to work within a fully flexible and affordable environment.

Deployed within 55 seconds of configuration, professional users can take control of the hardware and software infrastructure in real time. The intuitive and user-friendly ...
Apr 15, 2015 - Better performance and faster servers with an additional SSD - Want better performance on your root or managed server with innovative technology and full control over your data? For customers with these requirements, 1&1 now provides even more options for increased performance for your specific needs.

Customers can now enhance their 1&1 Dedicated and Managed Server with a Solid State Disk (SSD). Among other benefits, this allows for more local storage space when used in combination with the integrated Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

SSDs perfectly meet the demanding, performance-oriented requirements of those who maintain a strong, dynamic and interactive website with high traffic. Using SSD storage allows many operations to run smoothly, such as: access to ...
Feb 14, 2011 - Fasthosts Launches Online Backup Service - New online backup service designed to provide protection for valuable business data.
Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a web hosting provider, recently launched a brand new online backup service designed to provide protection for valuable business data. The company explains that priced from only GBP 10/month+VAT, the service can automatically backup up to 1TB of data, transferring it via SSL and storing it encrypted within a secure state-of-the-art UK data center. Backups upload only incremental changes to files meaning that bandwidth usage is kept to a minimum. The service is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that require secure, external protection of valuable data in a ...