Datapipe Announces Automation Services, Streamlining AWS [...]

Datapipe Announces Automation Services, Streamlining AWS Deployment And Management For The Enterprise

July 17, 2015 - Datapipe, a leader in secure managed hosting and cloud solutions for the enterprise, today announced a new suite of automation and orchestration services for its Managed Cloud for AWS solution. The new Datapipe Automation Services connect the enterprise with Datapipe automation experts who perform an audit of existing infrastructures, identify key opportunities for automation, deploy custom automation solutions, and provide ongoing support to optimize frameworks and strengthen AWS service delivery.

“Automation is absolutely essential for effective cloud management”

Key benefits of this new automation service include:

Accelerated deployments of AWS environments
Ability to rapidly adapt to application changes
Reduced cost of IT operations
Fully automated PCI compliance
Customized approached based on each enterprise's individual needs

“Automation is absolutely essential for effective cloud management,” said John Landy, CTO, Datapipe. “We see automation as a key part of a fully managed service, which is why we've built automation resources into our client teams as an ongoing, standard practice. When we increase efficiency through AWS automation, our customers are given more time to focus on what's really important to them – their business and bottom line.”

Examples of Datapipe's AWS Automation Services include:

PCI Compliance

With Datapipe's automated PCI compliance module, AWS instances are automatically in compliance for PCI DSS in the space as they are provisioned. In addition, the PCI compliance module will continue to run every 30 minutes, ensuring that all servers stay in compliance and do not require manual remediation in the future.

Application Management

Datapipe can fully automate applications on AWS, allowing enterprises to update application code, test, compile, and build the application on stage servers, and ship the application to production servers in less than five minutes. The developer only has to worry about the application code, not the infrastructure, saving time and money for the enterprise with little to no risk.

Datapipe AWS Controller

With Datapipe Automation Services, enterprises now have the ability to automatically move any or all AWS services in and out of accounts/regions. Datapipe can programmatically manipulate resources on demand. The rapid response time and increased flexibility allows enterprises to more effectively respond to business and application changes.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is a best practice that helps catch code-related problems at an early stage. It also helps with reverting the code base to a bug-free state quickly and easily. However, a lot of time is spent on creating builds for these modules. Datapipe's Automation Service for AWS eliminates the need to create new builds with every configuration run, increasing an enterprise's efficiencies and response time.

AWS Auto-Scaling

Auto-scaling helps clients maintain application availability and scale Amazon EC2 automatically. Datapipe's automation team assigns servers to auto-scaling groups that can scale both vertically and horizontally and works with the enterprise to define and deploy auto-scaling controls, customized and capped for each client's individual needs. Datapipe's Automation Services also establish Elastic Load Balancers Web and Stage load balancers, which keep an eye on instances, terminate unhealthy instances, and replace with a scaled instance.

Datapipe's Automation Services is the latest addition to our award-winning managed support and long-standing partnership with Amazon. This new service from Datapipe further proves its commitment to plan, build, and run complex AWS environments that meet the flexibility and scalability requirements of the enterprise.

About Datapipe

Datapipe is the only global managed service provider to future proof IT for the enterprise. The company leads the industry in architecting, deploying and managing multi-platform hybrid IT solutions, including public, private and hybrid clouds integrated with traditional IT environments. By automating IT, Datapipe supports the continuous development and delivery of secure, highly available enterprise-class applications. Datapipe delivers operational excellence through proven ITIL processes via a global team of experienced professionals and next-generation data centers in New York Metro, Ashburn VA, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Seattle, Kansas City, Dallas, Sao Paulo, Iceland, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

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