Announced Fully Managed Website Hosting Service logo📅 - The web hosting provider has announced a new small business Managed Web Hosting service, named Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA). The FMSA is an innovative managed web hosting service that makes possible for small business owners to assign the technical administration of their websites, apps and web hosting accounts to Host Color's Managed support team. The service features: Initial web hosting account technical audit, review, setup and optimization; Uptime monitoring; Computing resource utilization and optimization; Installation and management of premium Website Traffic Analytics; Installation, management and troubleshooting of WordPress based websites and plugins; WordPress website design themes; Installation, technical administration and troubleshooting of all Open Source software applications; Code and debugging; Database, file & email setup management; Security hardening; Domain and DNS management; Routine web hosting acccount maintenance, internal service management and optimization; Troubleshooting and Online business consulting.

The Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA) features “up to 4 hours” management service and according to Host Color “saves a lot of time and financial resources to those SMB owners, who have limited knowledge on website design, coding, CMS, HTML and virtual hosting account management.” FMSA comes with four (4) different management levels, starting with “FMSA Light,” a basic service that applies to “Managed WordPress Hosting” and “Managed Blog Hosting” plans and includes one hour of technical administration per month.

“Managed Hosting” is a term that describes VPS or Dedicated Hosting service, in which the provider is responsible for setting up and configuring hardware, installing Operating system and software programs that run on the server, as well as securing, maintaining, updating and monitoring the hardware instance. Host Color brings this managed service model into the Shared segment of the web hosting market.

“As more businesses go for virtualized instances instead of using physical dedicated servers, Managed Hosting refers now a bundle of computing resources, SaaS (Software as a service) and system administration services, specified in a certain IT Hosting service agreement,” explains Martin Andreev, a VP of Operations of Host Color.

“Back in 2000, when Host Color has started as web hosting provider, the Internet world was quite easy to understand. There were no software automation tools or those available were very few and immature. Ten years ago, all IT operations required certain skill set. The web hosting industry has changed a lot within the last decade, however. Many software automation products have been introduced on the market. They have simplified the process of designing, managing and supporting websites and applications at provider's end. The software automation has also made the web business management very complex at user's end. With thousands of software technologies available on the market, in each and every IT niche, and with the computer industry constantly pushing for new products, it is virtually impossible for most people to make informed decisions, even when it comes to simple website or app project,” explains Mr. Andreev. According to him the complexity of today's dot-com business management and the opportunity to increase client base, were the main reasons for Host Color to switch from “Unmanaged” to “Managed Web Hosting.”

The web hosting provider has previously announced that it has made available to all Colocation, Dedicated Server and VPS customers, a network analytics platform named Network Performance Monitoring & Traffic Analyzer (NPMTA). It allows Host Color's customers to analyze bandwidth usage, monitor business critical applications and network utilization. They can also monitor data transfer usage by: application, user, protocol and location.

About Host Color (AS46873) is a web hosting provider since 2000. It operates a fully-redundant, 100% uptime, SLA guarantee network connected to Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric,, US Signal and peers to more than 70 quality Internet networks and ISPs. The company's main data center is based out of South Bend, Indiana, 90 miles from Chicago. Its location and the quality Internet network, ensure the lowest possible latency to any point in North America and Europe. Host Color also provides disaster recovery, Colocation and Dedicated hosting in Europe through Host Color Europe. Reads: 1684 | Category: General | Source: TheHN : The Hosting News
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