Feb, 2015 : SingleHop Launches Shield Plus Advanced Security

singlehop.com logo!Feb 11, 2015 - SingleHop, a leading provider of on-demand hosted private clouds and managed hosting, today announced the launch of Shield Plus Advanced Security, a suite of security tools and technologies layered on top of SingleHop's Shield Core Security foundation that enables enterprises to identify and combat evolving threats that can compromise critical business data and applications, sideline employee productivity, damage brand equity, and impact revenue generation.

SingleHop's Shield Plus Advanced Security suite is focused on providing complete end-to-end security, with a strong focus on automated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation.

Layered Security Services across Multiple Environments
The Shield Security portfolio provides comprehensive security services across five layers: physical, network, server, application and account security. These services are embedded within SingleHop's solution offerings from dedicated servers to hosted private cloud computing environments.

Shield Plus delivers new security services across the network, server and application layers to help enterprises secure their IT infrastructures amid dramatic increases in security risks, including an alarming growth in denial of service attacks. The advanced features include:

Always-on, Highly Automated DDoS Mitigation powered by technology from industry leader, Radware - Delivers protection from internet-borne attacks at a fraction of the cost of traditional protection
Software Firewall and Endpoint Protection – Fully managed by SingleHop
Operating System Updates and Patching – Allows administrators to spend less time updating servers and more time adding value
Always-on Anti-Virus protection – Protects against malicious software
Enhanced OS Security – Secures base operating systems through best-practices approach
Unlimited SSL Certificates – Provides an unlimited number of GlobalSign SSL Certificates for securing systems

These additional, advanced services augment SingleHop's standard Shield Core protection, which is an integral part of every SingleHop customer's solution free of charge. The Shield Core offering encompasses comprehensive physical and account security procedures, foundational security features such as secure access-controlled data centers with SSAE-16 certification, and network, server and application security with features such as 24/7 security monitoring, private network segmentation, multi-factor authentication, and event-logging and management. More detail and a complete listing of Shield Core and Shield Plus security services are available at https://www.singlehop.com/secure-hosting/.

Supporting Quotes and Statistics
“As unprecedented growth in data, devices, and connectivity across the cloud continues to rise, navigating the threat landscape becomes a more complex effort. With SingleHop's comprehensive Shield Security portfolio, we meet the security challenge for our customers head-on,” said Jordan Jacobs, VP of Products at SingleHop. “We protect all of our customers from day one with Shield Core Security — every server, every device. And with the addition of Shield Plus Advanced Security, we have made mitigation services for more sophisticated security threats, like DDoS attacks, easily accessible and on-demand for greater customer peace of mind and protection.”

Earlier this year Dark Reading reported that some 50 percent of enterprises were hit by at least one DDoS attack in 2014 and the risk of DDoS attack continues to increase. In addition, research from Neustar's 2014 report on DDoS attacks showed a 71 percent increase in the number of companies hit by a DDoS attack, with 87 percent of companies attacked being hit multiple times.

“Delivering security solutions that protect mission-critical business applications and data for our customers is a key focus for Radware. In SingleHop, we found a partner whose emphasis on security is well-aligned with our own vision,” said David Anderson, VP of sales at Radware. “Through this collaboration, we extend our reach to a broad base of private cloud and hosting customers who will benefit from greater security of crucial systems through industry leading security technology.”

About SingleHop
SingleHop, a leading global provider of hosted IT infrastructure and cloud computing, brings together a unique combination of enterprise-class technologies from industry-leading vendors, and a proprietary automation engine, to deliver a customized cloud infrastructure experience for enterprises of all sizes. Their powerful portal and award-winning automation platform make it simple to design and support the optimal cloud environment. Their service includes full-life cycle, white glove support, instantly scalable solutions, and comprehensive integrated security. SingleHop serves more than 5,000 customers in more than 120 countries with data centers across the United States and Europe.

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