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GlobalSign Launches Open Source PHP Library for Fully Automated SSL Secure Site Activation logo!Mar 21, 2012 - Website owners benefit from instant security as hosting companies can now mass activate SSL using the company's OneClickSSL technology.

GlobalSign ( ), a Certification Authority (CA) and provider of SSL Partner Programs, today announced that it will be releasing an open source PHP library to further increase availability of its OneClickSSL solution in hosting environments. Paul van Brouwershaven, EMEA Business Development Director, GMO GlobalSign Ltd., will introduce the free library and demonstrate a variety of applications during his talk on March 20, 2012 at 17.05 in the Sanssouci seminar room at World Hosting Days 2012 in Rust, Germany.

The company articulates that the launch of OneClickSSL last year is revolutionizing the way hosting companies activate SSL for their customers' websites. OneClickSSL is already available for the major control panel platforms including Parallels, cPanel and IIS, as well as through web service APIs to help hosting companies embed the technology in their own environments. At this year's World Hosting Days event, the company is taking custom integration one step further by introducing a OneClickSSL open source library, removing any remaining integration hurdles for hosting companies wishing to increase SSL usage, whilst avoiding the customer service costs usually associated with supporting SSL.

It mentions that hosting companies only need to download the library to their server or application to benefit from instant provisioning of SSL Certificates. Once running, the OneClickSSL service automates the usual SSL process, from submitting the application for an SSL Certificate, to validating ownership of the domain, and installing the issued Certificate and related intermediate Certificates. The OneClickSSL technology ( ) allows for instant delivery of the highly secured SSL Certificates offered by the company. The Certificates are all issued from the 2048 bit Root Certificate and come with additional features such as unlimited server licenses. The company's open source PHP library from Github can be downloaded at:

"As more organizations move towards complete SSL automation using OneClickSSL, it is essential for GlobalSign to ensure that all hosting companies, regardless of which control panel or server software they provide, can access the technology," said Paul van Brouwershaven. "As the community starts to build their own plug-ins to implement OneClickSSL in their in-house environments, we decided to make our own open source PHP library available on Github to simplify integration and maintenance." Reads: 4258 | Category: General | Source:
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