Oct 1, 2009 : 3Tera Announces IPv6 Support

cari.net logo📅 - Company adds IPv6 support to AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform; allows users to use native IPv6 to connect applications between datacenters.

3Tera, a provider of cloud computing technology and utility computing services, today announced that AppLogic is the first cloud computing platform to demonstrate support for IPv6. The company and its hosting partners Cari.net and ScaleUp Technologies successfully demonstrated database replication between applications running in two different cloud provider datacenters using an IPv6 VPN tunnel created with its new VPN catalog appliance. It explains that until now, IPv6 adoption has been slowed by the perception that it requires both support on the client side and complex code changes in applications. With its AppLogic cloud computing platform, it is no longer necessary to make changes in the configuration of the software in order to be able to support IPv6, while still keeping the data available to IPv4 users.

"We are removing barriers for IPv6 support and creating momentum for IPv6 adoption," said Peter Nickolov, President and CTO, 3Tera, Inc. "Within AppLogic, applications and complex distributed systems are actually not aware whether they are running over IPv6 or IPv4, which makes the transition to IPv6 seamless."

"In less than an hour we added 3Tera's new VPN appliance to an existing application," said Mark Ortenzi, President, Cari.net, a hosting provider based in San Diego, CA. "The appliance established an IPv6 tunnel for database and file system replication between the application running in our San Diego datacenter and another copy in the ScaleUp Technologies' datacenter in Germany."

Christoph Streit, Founder, ScaleUp Technologies, based in Germany commented, "We have experimented with native IPv6 in our datacenters for some time and 3Tera is making it easy for cloud users to utilize the IPv6 network. In our test no change was required to the datacenter, the application code or the client. For scaling a global cloud offering, this is critical to success because IPv4 addresses are more difficult to obtain internationally."

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