Dec, 2008 : Global Crossing Hosts Brazilian Media Group

📅 - Global IP communications provider Global Crossing ( has completed a communications network to provide data center and Internet services for the media portal of Rede Paranaense de Comunicacao (, one of the top ten largest media companies in Brazil.

Owning two major newspapers and TV and radio broadcast outlets, RPC is now supported by Global Crossing Internet access, managed security services and dedicated hosting for its news portal website, according to Global Crossing's announcement last week. Global Crossing's comprehensive management security and dedicated hosting services lets RPC monitor traffic 24 hours a day and securely share data inside and outside the company on a high-speed network.

"Our mission as a news portal is to bring the same strength of our content from our media outlets to the Internet," RPC IT director Denilson Faria said in a statement. "For the past two years, our number of viewers increased 35 percent.... Global Crossing offers us the speed, security and reliability to ensure our customers have a better experience when viewing news through our news portal."

A worldwide company with facilities in 60 major cities worldwide, Global Crossing's Brazilian data centers are located in Cotia, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. Global Crossing Brazil senior sales vice president Marcos Malfatti said Global Crossing can manage and administer a content-driven company's entire IT infrastructure and network.

"Reliability, performance and security are especially critical for a media group like RPC, since they need to ensure their readers have the best experience possible when accessing their news portal," Malfatti said in a statement. "We are fully committed to support these requirements, through our advanced IP network and top-notch data center infrastructure in the region."

Although it operates on six continents and has taken recent steps to expand services in Europe, a great deal of Global Crossing's business is in Latin America and facilitating connectivity between Latin America and the US. In Latin America, Global Crossing has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, the US and the Caribbean.

The specific relationship between Brazilian media portals and their hosts, however, has gained added significance since Brazil's largest media portal and Internet company UOL ( acquired web hosting and dedicated server provider Digiweb ( in March, making UOL the country's third-largest provider of Web hosting services. Reads: 2140 | Category: General | Source: TheWHIR : Web Host Industry Reviews
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Company: Digiweb

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