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Jan 22, 2008 : Gocompare Adopts GlobalSign EV SSL

globalsign.com logoJanuary 22, 2008 - Certification authority and security provider GlobalSign (globalsign.com) announced on Tuesday that UK insurance comparison site Gocompare (http://www.gocompare.com) has become the latest major brand to adopt GlobalSign's EV SSL technology.

Gocompare says its success is directly dependent on the level of trust that it provides customers.  As an online insurance comparison service, Gocompare needs to assure its customers that their personal information will be completely secure.

By adopting GlobalSign's EV SSL technology, Gocompare will provide site visitors with the new "green address bar" in Internet Explorer 7 and the upcoming Firefox 3, which assures them that they are visiting an authentic and secure site.

"[Gocompare.com's] adoption of EV SSL cements its dedication to providing the highest levels of online security to its customers," says Paul Tourret, managing director of GlobalSign. "With such a credible brand to protect, Gocompare.com and its customers benefit immediately from the protection EV SSL certificates can provide against phishing attacks and potential identity fraud."

GlobalSign announced last week it achieved an 180 percent growth rate in 2007 for its SSL certificate products.

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