Aug, 2001 : VeriSign Offers E-Commerce Security for SMBs logo📅 - VeriSign, Inc. (, a leading provider ofInternet trust services, today announced a new service for Internet ServiceProviders and Web hosts, which enables SMB customers to conduct secureauthenticated exchanges of information, including such confidential customerinformation as credit card and social security numbers.

Called Shared Hosting Security Service, this new service provides small- andmedium-size businesses with Web site protection features that up until nowhad only been available to larger enterprises operating in dedicatedhosting environments. The new offering, which ISPs and Web hosts will marketto SMBs under the name Secure Site Services, addresses two critical elementsneeded for a secure Web site: authentication of the business to be displayedat the Web address and encryption to protect the transfer of customerinformation.
These security needs have long been met by larger enterprises operating in adedicated environment via the use of standard SSL technology. Due totechnical limitations in SSL, the benefits of both authentication andencryption were not available to millions of small businesses using avirtual server or "shared hosting" architecture.
Businesses approved to use the new Secure Site Services may display aVeriSign Secure Site Seal, the world's recognized identifier of a secure Website, and may use encryption provided by their ISP. "When consumers shoponline, they want to do so in a trusted digital environment," said BenGolub, vice president, VeriSign web trust services. "VeriSign's serviceallows businesses to display the VeriSign Secure Site Seal, so that theirWeb customers immediately realize that their site is a secure place to dobusiness."
A consumer visiting a Web site will simply click on the Secure Site Seal andVeriSign will immediately check the Web site address, the business usingthat address, and the company given permission to host the site. Withinseconds, the consumer will see a dynamic Web page that verifies that the SMBname and Web address have been authenticated by Dun & Bradstreet and thatthey have the right to use the ISP's or Web host's SSL encryption - theonly secure method for transferring information over the Internet.Businesses that have not been authenticated will receive an error message.
To make these services accessible to the SMB market, VeriSign has teamedwith strategic partners with expertise and influence across the smallbusiness and Web site hosting landscape including Dun & Bradstreet,EarthLink, Ensim Corporation and ezWare Systems, Inc. Dun & Bradstreet, atrusted source for business information, will authenticate a company'sexistence against the D&B global database of 64 million Duns numberedentities for Secure Site Seal applications on behalf of VeriSign.
EarthLink, a leader in Internet services for small businesses and one ofVeriSign's Premier Round partners for the launch, has signed an agreementwith VeriSign, and will work to integrate the Shared Hosting SecurityService into future offerings. Ensim, a Web site hosting automationcompany, will embed this service into their software platform to enable Website hosts to easily offer trust services to small businesses. EzWareSystems will embed VeriSign's service into its private-label solutions,offering a "seal of approval" to small- and medium-sized businesses.
An additional benefit is that each Secure Site includes up to $5,000 ofNetSure warranty protection against economic loss due to theft,impersonation, corruption or loss of use of an ID for both the smallbusinesses and the ISP or Web host. Reads: 2184 | Category: General | Source: TheWHIR : Web Host Industry Reviews
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